Working Party on Noise and Tyres | Session 76 | 5-7 Sep 2022
Agenda Item 3.
UN Regulation No. 138 (Quiet road-transport vehicles)

GRBP will address a proposal prepared by the experts from ISO that brings the latest ISO 10844 standard test surface into the UN Regulation.

GRBP may expect a progress report of the Informal Working Group on Quiet Road Transport Vehicles for the Global Technical Regulation (IWG QRTV GTR).

GRBP will also be informed about the activities of the newly created Task Force on Quiet Road Transport Vehicles (TF QRTV).

GRBP-76-16 UN R138: TF Quiet Road Transport Vehicles (QRTV) Status Report
GRBP/2022/15 UN R138: Proposal for Supplement 3 to the 01 series of amendments (ISO)