Session 3 | Geneva | 7 Jun 2013
Agenda Item 9. Summary and conclusions

Terms of Reference was adopted and Request for mandate document were agreed by GRPE 66th session and will
go to WP29.

Following structure and deliverables were agreed:

  • Structure under the ’98 agreement:

    Type I (Tail pipe), Type II (Idle) and Type VII (CO2)amendment to GTR2
    EVAP and crankcase (Type IV and III)new GTR
    OBD (Type VIII)new GTR
    Durability (Type V)Open issue:
    EC proposed to put under GTR2.
    India preferred to create a separate GTR due to different market fuels in the different world regions
    Propulsion/Performance testnew GTR
    Note: 2-, 3-wheel in the same gtr’s, as separate annexes if deemed necessary, unless found not feasible.
  • Two- and three-wheel vehicles to be put under common GTR’s, as separate annexes, unless found not
  • Quadricycles to be discussed under the ‘58 agreement first.

EVAP, OBD and Type I will be given 1st priority. The chair and secretary will draft a proposal for a complete roadmap to be discussed at a phone/web conference in September.

Technical discussions on prioritized subjects should start in the meeting in October in India.