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Agenda Item 19.15.
Proposal for a draft UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability (Electric vehicles and the environment)

164. The representative of the United States of America highlighted the recent achievements of the IWG on Electric Vehicles and the Environment (EVE) that submitted a proposal for a new UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability at the eighty-fourth session of GRPE. He added this UN GTR is the first legal instrument covering this topic, worldwide. He said the proposal had been adopted by GPRE at its eighty-fourth session in November 2021 and was expected to be submitted for consideration and vote at the March 2022 session of AC.3.

165. He summarized the minimum performance requirements and prescriptions that had been developed for this UN GTR and concluded by highlighting that the IWG on EVE was expected to establish similar requirements for heavy-duty vehicles, with activities on this field expecting to start early in 2022.