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33. The Chair of GRE reported on the results made by GRE during its sixty-fourth session (for details, see the report of the session ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRE/64).

34. Regarding the 1998 Agreement, he reported that although most lamps installed on today’s motor vehicles satisfy all regulations in force around the world, no Contracting Party had proposed to develop a gtr in the area of lighting and light-signalling.

35. With regard to the 1958 Agreement, he suggested to assign to GRE Regulations Nos. 60 and 121, currently under the responsibility of GRSG, as these Regulations relate to the drivers’ visual information, as do all Regulations related to lighting and light-signalling. Such allocation of Regulations related to drivers’ visibility would allow GRE to be more responsive to the needs of the ITS informal group. WP.29 agreed to take a decision of this matter at its March 2011 session.

36. The Chair informed the World Forum that GRE proposed to delete all the annexes related to lighting and light-signalling devices of the proposal for the Revision of the Consolidated Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles (R.E.3). He indicated that these annexes would be incorporated into the Horizontal Reference Document, being developed by the corresponding informal group. On these matters, WP.29 noted some concerns and agreed to discuss them under agenda item 8.7 (see para. 91 below).

37. Moreover, the Chair of GRE reported that the Working Party had agreed to set up a permanent ad hoc group of experts to work on issues related to Regulation No. 10.

38. The World Forum noted that Mr. Gorzkowski (Canada) had been re-elected as GRE Chair for the year 2011.

39. The GRSG Vice-Chair informed the World Forum about the results made by GRSG during its ninety-ninth session (for more details see the report of the session ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/78).

40. He reported that GRSG had proposed to set up, subject to the consent of the World Forum, an informal group, chaired by Germany, to amend Regulation No. 43 with regard to plastic glazing. He added that the expert from OICA had volunteered to provide secretariat services for this group. The informal group should conclude its tasks by April 2013. The World Forum gave its consent, subject to the approval, at its March 2011 session, of the terms of reference and rules of procedure of the informal group, which would be annexed to the report of GRSG.

41. He reported that GRSG had been informed about the GRE request to take on the responsibility of Regulations Nos. 60 and 121. GRSG was of the opinion that they should remain under its responsibility because these Regulations were transversal and that GRSG was already dealing with tell-tales for motorcycles and the field of vision of the driver. He mentioned that GRSG had agreed that a procedure should be set up to ensure good cooperation between the different WP.29 Working Parties. The World Forum confirmed that a decision on this issue would be taken at its March 2011 session (see para. 35 above).

42. WP.29 noted that GRSG had agreed with the proposal for draft Rule No. 2 (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2009/135) as well as with the proposal for guidelines on establishing requirements for high-priority warning signals by the co-Chairs of the ITS informal group (WP.29-150-22).

43. The Vice-Chair informed WP.29 about the opinion of GRSG that there was no urgency to adopt the proposal (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2009/123 and its Corrigenda 1 to 4, superseded by ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2010/145) for the revision of the Consolidated Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles (R.E.3). The World Forum recalled its decision to continue consideration of this matter under agenda item 8.7 (see paras. 36 and 91 of this report).

44. The World Forum noted that Mr. Erario (Italy) had been re-elected as GRSG Chair and Mr. Matolcsy (Hungary) as GRSG Vice-Chair for the 2011 sessions.