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(Latest 27 June 2014)
1. Adoption of the agenda
ITS-23-01 | Draft agenda for the 23rd ITS informal group session
2. Approval of the minutes of the previous session
ITS-23-02 | Notes on the 22nd Session of the Informal Group on “ITS”
3. Report from WP.1
WP.1/145 | Report of the 68th session of the Working Party on Road Traffic Safety
WP.1/2014/1 | Consistency between the Convention on Road Traffic (1968) and Vehicle Technical Regulations Proposal to amend the 1968 Vienna Convention to allow for the use of assistance and/or autonomous systems that control vehicle behavior(s) in place of the driver (which could be viewed to conflict with the Convention requirement that drivers always be able to control their vehicles).
4. Report from WP.29
ITS-23-03 | Autonomous vehicles and WP.29
5. Discussion
6. Any other business