GAR user downloading problems

29 November 2016

The UNECE has been making changes to its website, including to the WP.29 website. This activity has resulted in changes to the url addresses of links to the various regulatory texts. It appears that all the recent UN Regulation revisions and amendments have been changed. The older versions appear to be unaffected.

What this means is that we will have to update all our links to the affected regulatory texts. In the meantime, users may not be able to download the texts through GAR. You can still download texts from the WP.29 website ( We apologize for the inconvenience, but our site is built on top of the WP.29 site with direct links to the WP.29 texts so the changes to the WP.29 site force us to update each text individually.

UPDATE 29 November 13h30

We have begun updating the regulatory texts. As noted, some links on the WP.29 site have been updated while the links for many older texts are unchanged. However, we have found some texts where the links on WP.29 site are broken. Most regulations are available in word and pdf format; however, in some cases, only one of the two links have been updated. Therefore, for some texts, you may only have the option of one format or the other. We are noting these discrepancies and will provide the list to the WP.29 secretariat so they can fix the missing links.

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