Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 10 | 25-28 May 2021
Web conference
Agenda Item 12. (c)
Any other business

GRVA received information (GRVA-10-10) concerning the letter of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (GRVA-10-07) and agreed to follow the recommendation of AC.2 (as noted in the last section of GRVA-10-10). GRVA requested the secretariat to prepare a response, accordingly.

GRVA discussed the difficult conditions in which some delegations from Asia and America participate in the numerous virtual meetings organized in direct conjunction with GRVA activities. GRVA agreed that the Co-Chairs of the IWGs, Task Force and SIG pay attention to this question, when organizing meetings.

GRVA welcomed the suggestion to organize sessions of GRVA outside of Geneva in 2022 and requested the Chair and the secretariat to consult, if possible, already in June 2021, the delegations from Asia and America on the possibilities to host such meetings.

GRVA-10-07 Council of Europe communication to WP.29 regarding automated vehicles (COE)
GRVA-10-10 Background note on Human Rights and responses to Council of Europe AV request