This agenda item relates to GTR No. 20 Electric Vehicle Safety.

8. The IWG Chair, on behalf of the co-sponsors (China, Japan, European Union and the United States of America) and all members of IWG GTR No. 20, Phase 2 reported on the progress of the IWG meeting by referring to GRSP-69-38. GRSP noted that IWG requested an eighteen months mandate extension (June 2023), which would envision the formal vote on the Phase 2 of the UN GTR either in March or November 2024 sessions of AC.3. GRSP endorsed the request of the Chair to seek endorsement of AC.3 at its June 2021 session of AC.3.

GRSP-69-38 | Status report of the Chair of the Informal Working Group (IWG) on Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS) GTR 20 (USA)