World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 173 | 14-17 Nov 2017
Agenda Item 2.3.
Intelligent Transport Systems and automated vehicles

27. The World Forum noted the ongoing discussion of the ITS-AD informal group and welcomed its contribution to the work of WP.29.

28. WP.29 agreed to defer consideration of ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2017/145 (still containing text in square brackets) to the March 2018 session.

29. The World Forum also agreed that the ITS/AD group should develop a new Regulation for cyber security that created a sufficiently flexible approach to ensure the Regulation remained relevant given the rapid pace of progress in this field. There was general agreement that the informal group’s work on a Resolution should be embraced within the new Regulation where possible, including utilising references to other standards bodies where this is practical. WP.29 noted that an approach, similar to that proposal for cyber security, would be adopted for over-the-air and wired software updates. The Working Party endorsed the extension to the task force’s mandate until June 2018 in order to allow adequate time to develop the new regulations.

30. The World Forum further noted the proposals from OICA and Catapult for developing a new concept to certify automated driving technology, compatible with both type approval or self certification systems. The working party noted the contributions from the United Kingdom and OICA, which set out a complementary approach for assessing the self-driving functions. The World Forum agreed to the informal group’s request to establish a new informal group to take this work forward.

WP.29/2017/145 Proposal for the Definitions of Automated Driving under WP.29 and the General Principles for developing a UN Regulation on automated vehicles