Session 6 | Seoul | 18-20 Nov 2014
Agenda Item 6. Development of the draft GTR: Report from Task Force No. 1

Task Force 1 – water immersion and isolation resistance:
Mr. Liu Anlong, on behalf of the leader of TF1, reported the progress status of TF1. OICA commented that it is very hard to detect a failure and that it makes very little sense to include double or multi failure in the safety regulation. OICA proposed to establish a compromise failure scenario to ensure acceptable safety level in the TF1.

Japanese delegation mentioned that in the case of water intrusion, it will not happen such as a double loss of isolation failure. US delegation agreed to Japan from the point of their field incident research.

Chinese delegation replied that they agree to have a technical discussion especially to establish a case study for double isolation failure and ask TF1 leader to plan further meeting within one month.

TF1 will draft its proposal for the draft GTR by the middle of 2015.

EVS-06-07 | Status report of the Electric Vehicle Safety GTR Task Force No. 1 (Protection Against Water)