Session 7 | Beijing | 17-18 Oct 2013
Agenda Item 7. Next meetings

22. The Secretary presented the draft EVE-08 meeting agenda (EVE-07-05). As the meeting will be held ahead of the GRPE session on the afternoon of January 7th, 2014 and time is limited, it was decided that the roundtable on progress form other GRPE working groups would be limited to those directly related to the EVE IWG (WLTP, HDH and VPSD). Also, information sharing presentation would not be given during this meeting to allow for more discussion on the EV Reference Guide. The revised EVE-08 meeting agenda is document EVE-07-05-Rev1.

ACTION 11: The Secretary will distribute an invitation and the revised agenda ahead of the EVE-08 meeting.

23. Discuss location and timing of EVE-09 meeting: A meeting in February 2014 is proposed to review a final draft of the EVE Guide before submission as a formal document to GRPE. The US EPA proposed that the meeting be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; however, China expressed some concern over the feasibility of the location due to the close proximity in timing with the EVE-08 meeting in Geneva in January 2014. The final date and location of the EVE-09 meeting will be finalized as soon as possible by the EVE leadership committee and communicated to the EVE group.

ACTION 12: Once finalized, the Secretary will distribute an invitation noting the location and timing of the EVE-09 meeting to the EVE group. The agenda for the meeting will be circulated by the Secretary after being finalized at the EVE-08 meeting.

EVE-07-05/Rev.1 | Proposed agenda for the 8th EVE informal group session