1. Welcome and opening remarks
2. Introduction of participants and organizations
3. Adoption of the agenda
GTRQRTV-05-01 | Draft agenda for the 5th GTRQRTV informal group session
4. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
5. Update on latest development in the regions
GTRQRTV-05-04 | Acoustic vehicle alerting system regulation of Taiwan
GTRQRTV-05-02 | Possibility of frequency shift test on the road Presentation on Korean indoor (test chamber) and outdoor (road) sound-level tests towards defining quiet vehicle sound requirements. Korea proposes to establish both minimum and maximum sound requirements for audible vehicle alerting systems (AVAS).
GTRQRTV-05-05 | Detection distances of various sounds: VDA research, comments, and suggestions
GTRQRTV-05-03 | Relationship between Acceleration Impression and Frequency Shifting of Vehicle Sound
6. Consideration and review of the key technical elements for the draft GTR
7. Finalize Development of draft of specifications and requirements for GTR
8. Sketch framework for GTR
GTRQRTV-05-06 | Working draft of the GTR on quiet road transport vehicles with regard to sound emissions Working draft of the QRTV GTR as revised during the 5th QRTV informal group session (Tokyo, Japan).
GTRQRTV-TF-02-06 | Working draft of the proposed GTR on sound limits for quiet road transport vehicles Working draft pursuant to the 2nd GTR for QRTV task force session (8-10 October 2013).
9. Next steps
10. Any other business
11. Next meeting
12. Adjournment
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