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Related Meetings : Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 82
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32. The representative from OICA stated that activities on this topic remained a priority for the industry and sought guidance from GRPE on how to proceed to initiate activities. The Chair opened the floor for CPs to contribute.

33. The representative from EC stipulated that the position from the EU had not changed since the last time the issue was tackled (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/80, paras. 36 and 37). The representative from the US asked whether the intent of this work was to work on CO2 emissions or fuel economy, as opportunities might emerge in the near future about CO2 standards heavy duty vehicles in the region. The Chair also highlighted that other regulatory needs were expected to be needed in the near future regarding alternative powertrain for heavy-duty vehicles. He quoted heavy duty hybrids and range determination of electric trucks as examples where harmonized regulatory provisions are becoming urgently needed. He expected GRPE to play an important role in that in the very near future.