Session 167 | Geneva | 10-13 Nov 2015
Simplification of Regulations - Light Sources Regulations Nos. 37, 99, 128 - Request for guidance
07 Nov 2015 World Forum Informal Documents Filament Lamps Filament Lamps Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Filament Lamps for Use in Approved Lamp Units of Power-driven Vehicles and of their Trailers Gas-discharge Light Sources Gas-discharge Light Sources Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Gas-discharge Light Sources for use in Approved Gas-discharge Lamp Units of Power-driven Vehicles Light-Emitting Diode Light Sources LED Light Sources Uniform provisions concerning the approval of light emitting diode (LED) light sources for use in approved lamp units on power-driven vehicles and their trailers Simplification of Lighting Regulations SLR To be determined. Request from the SLR informal group for confirmation whether the proposed establishment of a resolution on common specifications of light source categories is acceptable. The resolution would provide a list of light sources allowed in lamps. The UN Office of Legal Affairs has stated that a resolution may not be used to amend a regulation, raising a possible question of interpretation. The SLR informal group also asks whether the proposed resolution can be provided only in English. WP.29-167-0019