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Agenda of the 5th session of the
Working Party on Automated Vehicles
Geneva | 10-14 Feb 2020

In addition to the searchable version below, you can also download copies of the agenda from the meeting documents.

1. Adoption of the agenda
2. Highlights of the November 2019 session of WP.29
3. Exchange of views on guidelines and relevant national activities
4. Automated/autonomous and connected vehicles
4. (a) Deliverables of the Informal Working Group on Automatically Commanded Steering Function
4. (b) Deliverables of the Informal Working Group on Functional Requirements for Automated and Autonomous Vehicles
4. (c) Deliverables of the Informal Working Group on Validation Methods for Automated Driving
4. (d) Deliverables of the Informal Working Group on Event Data Recorder / Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving
5. Connected vehicles
5. (a) Cyber security and data protection as well as software updates
5. (b) Legal considerations regarding technical provisions over the vehicle lifetime
5. (c) Other business
6. UN Regulation No. 79 (Steering equipment)
6. (a) Automatically Commanded Steering Functions
6. (b) Steering equipment
6. (c) Remote Control Manoeuvring
6. (d) Other business
7. Advanced Emergency Braking Systems
8. UN Regulations Nos. 13, 13-H, 139 and 140
8. (a) Electronic Stability Control
8. (b) Modular vehicle combinations
8. (c) Clarifications
9. Motorcycle braking
9. (a) UN Global Technical Regulation No. 3
9. (b) UN Regulation No. 78
10. UN Regulation No. 90
11. Revision 3 of the 1958 Agreement
11. (a) Data Exchange for Type Approval (DETA)
11. (b) International Whole Vehicle Type Approval
12. Other business
12. (a) List of priorities concerning GRVA activities
12. (b) Any other business