Session 77 | Geneva | 4-8 Jun 2018
Agenda Item 1. Adoption of the agenda

2. GRPE adopted the provisional agenda prepared for the seventy-seventh session (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2018/11), as updated and consolidated in GRPE-77-13-Rev.2, including the informal documents tabled for the session that were submitted by 7 June 2018. GRPE took note of GRPE-77-01 on the organization of GRPE Informal Working Group (IWG) meetings held during the week.

3. The informal documents distributed before and during the GRPE session are listed in Annex I of the session report. Annex II lists the informal meetings held in conjunction with the GRPE session. Annex III lists the IWGs of GRPE, task forces and subgroups, giving details on their Chairs, Secretaries and the end of mandates.

4. The secretariat introduced GRPE-77-04, announcing that the next GRPE session would take place on 8-11 January 2019 and recalling the corresponding deadline (16 October 2018) for the submission of official documents. The Chairs and Secretaries of IWGs were invited to approach the secretariat to define the calendar of IWGs meetings for the January 2019 GRPE session.

5. The Chair of GRPE introduced the new GRPE secretary, M. F. Cuenot. He thanked Mr. F. Guichard for having temporarily assumed the role of Secretary of GRPE and for the assistance he would still be providing during this session of GRPE and the next of January 2019.

GRPE-77-01 | Informal meetings to be held in conjunction with the GRPE (proper) session
GRPE-77-04 | General information for the June 2018 GRPE session
GRPE-77-13/Rev.2 | GRPE June session: Updated and consolidated agenda
GRPE/2018/11 | Annotated provisional agenda for the 77th (June 2018) GRPE session