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UN Regulation No. 149
Road Illumination Devices (RID)
Regulation Pipeline

This page lists proposals and draft texts working their way through the WP.29 system.

Binding Proposals (Consolidated texts are published under Revisions as available)

RID: Proposal for a new UN Regulation on Road Illumination Devices (WP.29/2018/158/Rev.1)
Binding from 15 Nov 2019

Depositary Notifications (Six-month approval period during which governments may reject the proposal)

Adopted Proposals (Adopted proposals to be sent to the UN Office of Legal Affairs for depositary notification)

UN R149: Proposal for Supplement 1

Proposals Pending Before the World Forum (Proposals under consideration for adoption)

UN R149: Proposal for Supplement [1] (GRE/2019/19)
Proposal to correct the text of UN R149 (GRE-82-02)
UN R149: Proposal for Supplement 2 (WP.29/2019/125)
UN R149: Proposal for amendments (GRE-82-33)
UN R149: Proposal for Supplement 2 (WP.29/2020/33)

Working Party Proposals (Proposals under GR consideration for submission to the World Forum)

Proposal to amend UN Regulations Nos. 48 and [149] to allow projections of driver assistance symbols (GRE-82-04)
Proposal for supplements to the 03 series to UN R53 and the 00 series of amendments to UN R149 (GRE-82-13)