Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
UN R7 Position, stop and end-outline lampsWP.29/2016/75 | Proposal developed by the GRE Task Force on Tell-tales and approved by the GRE to clarify that the use of lamps designed for only two light sources is restricted to vehicles fitted with a tell-tale that will indicate when any one of the two lights sources has failed. 7 17 12785 787
UN R16 Safety belt systemsWP.29/2016/99 | Proposal to require seat-belt reminders for all seating positions, including rear positions, and to clarify the scope of the regulation. 16 27 12809 787
UN R83 Motor Vehicle EmissionsWP.29/2016/108 | UN Regulations Nos. 49 and 83 include provisions for a “driver inducement system” that alerts drivers of low reagent levels (urea, etc.) critical to correct emissions control performance and eventually prevents vehicle operation if the reagent tank is empty. Under UN R49 (para. 5.2), rescue, police, and other emergency/special use vehicles are exempted from this requirement. This proposal would extend the same treatment under UN R83. The proposal also makes several corrections and clarifications (see document GRPE/2016/11) with respect to extensions of approval, reduction in efficiency of the catalytic converter with respect to emissions of NMHC and NOx, and OBD. 83 94 12818 787
UN R16 Safety belt systemsWP.29/2016/98 | Proposal to clarify and improve provisions for<ol class="alpha"><li>the belt routing and positioning of the universal child restraint system seat fixture during testing;</li><li>dynamic testing of the rear seat system and advanced restraint system approval; and</li><li>to restructure and simplify the consumer information requirements on the installation of ISOFIX child restraint systems under UN R16.</li></ol>. 16 27 12808 787
UN R37 Filament LampsWP.29/2016/76 | Proposal from the Informal Working Group “Simplification of the Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations” (SLR) and approved by the GRE to simplify the content and amendment process of the light source Regulations in conjunction with the establishment of a new resolution on specifications for light source categories. 37 48 12786 787
UN R44 Child Restraint SystemsWP.29/2016/102 | Proposal to strip ISOFIX CRS provisions from UN R44 and to cease all new type approvals for ISOFIX integral CRS under UN R44 from 1 September 2017 in deference to UN R129 on Enhanced CRS. 44 55 12812 787
UN R44 Child Restraint SystemsWP.29/2016/101 | Proposal to amend the toxicity and flammability declarations via references to EN 71 (European safety standards), taking into account procedures of FMVSS 302. The amendments propose the burning rate values of FMVSS 302 (302.4 inches/102 mm per minute), to harmonize the three proposals with regard to EN standards references, and to incorporate the amendment 1 to EN 71-3 (A1:2014). The proposal also would align requirements for deceleration test devices with acceleration ones (making explicit that it is mandatory to match the corridor for each test) and to add dummy criteria and compliance with ISO 17025 to the information required in test reports. 44 55 12811 787
UN R45 Headlamp CleanersWP.29/2016/77 | Proposal to amend the formula for the dirt mixture used in testing to address an error introduced by Supplement 9 to the 01 series of amendments to UN R45 where the specified quantity of “2 ± 1 parts by weight” of surfactant results in invalid testing. The correct specification should be “2 ± 1 drops” of surfactant. 45 56 12787 787
UN R46 Indirect VisionWP.29/2016/89 | Proposal to change the latency for scanning a field of vision (total process of scanning, rendering and reset to its initial position) from a maximum of 2 seconds to a maximum of 200 ms. This proposal corresponds to the current state of technology and removes a contradiction within the regulation between paragraphs and (the latter introduced via supplement 2 to the 04 series of amendments). 46 57 12799 787
UN R48 Installation of LightingWP.29/2016/78 | Proposal from the GRE Task Force on Tell-Tales and approved by GRE for Supplement 17 to the 04 series of amendments to UN R48 in order to clarify failure tell-tale requirements. The proposal also includes an amendment to clarify paragraph with regard to the application of conspicuity markings on bodywork made of flexible material. 48 59 12788 787
GTR No. 18 L-OBDWP.29/2016/112 | 18
GTR No. 18 L-OBDWP.29/2016/113 | 18
GTR No. 16 TiresWP.29/2016/117 | 16