Session 3 | Bologna | 25-26 Sep 2013
1. Opening
2. Roll call of the participants
TFAC-03-12 | List of participants from the 3rd TFAC expert group session
3. Continuation of the Review of the Document
TFAC-03-04/Rev.1 | Agricultural vehicle couplings: Class q and r (CUNA couplings)
TFAC-03-07 | Agricultural vehicle mechancial couplings: CUNA swivel drawbar eyes
TFAC-03-08 | Agricutural vehicle couplings UN R55 revision: Tractor drawbars discussion paper
TFAC-03-10/Rev.1 | Proposal of new class definitions for Annex 5 - chapter 6 of Regulation No. 55
TFAC-02-08 | Comparison of mechanical coupling D‐ and V‐values
TFAC-03-06 | Agricultural vehicle couplings UN R55 revision: Definitions and tests
TFAC-03-14 | Proposal for Chapter 5 of the Draft ECE R 55 "agricultural couplings" Proposed requirement for the mounting height of couplings on tractors under chapter 5 of UN Regulation No. 55.
TFAC-03-05/Rev.1 | Italian proposal for mechanical-coupling markings
TFAC-03-03 | Agricultural vehicle couplings UN R55 revision: Keep static test (up to X kph?)
4. Further steps
5. Any other business
TFAC-03-13 | Proposal of changes to the draft TFAC amendments to Regulation No. 55 Proposals to align the proposed agricultural tractor couplings text with other provisions of the UN R55 text regarding locked and open positions.