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UN World Forum Regulations

WP.29 establishes regulations concerning the safety, environmental, and antitheft performance of motor vehicles and components. These regulations set performance requirements based upon test procedures for application by regional and national governments.

UN(ECE) Regulations

Also known as UNECE or ECE regulations, UN Regulations establish uniform test procedures and performance requirements for use under an international system for the mutual recognition of type approvals. The 1958 Agreement governs the procedures for establishing these regulations and for the international acceptance of approvals granted by national authorities.

Global Technical Regulations

Global Technical Regulations provide a way to establish test procedures and performance requirements for use outside of type-approval systems (e.g., under self-certification regimes). GTRs are governed by the 1998 Global Agreement. Like UN Regulations, GTRs establish test procedures and performance requirements. In fact, UN Regulations are required to align with GTRs in cases where the two types of regulations address the same subject.

UN (PTI) Rules

UN Rules concern the periodic inspection for safety, energy efficiency, and environmental compliance of motor vehicles in use. The 1997 Agreement established a system for the harmonization of inspection procedures and requirements and for the mutual recognition of technical inspection certifications granted by parties to the agreement.

Research & Development

The World Forum enables regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to share research towards the development of new test procedures, to collaborate in the development of new test tools, and to develop new uniform regulations for worldwide use.